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Position as Publicist

New York City, United States

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A good looking guy like me, busy, I'm very busy - extremely busy, doesn't have the time to handle the volume of calls these days from the press, news channels, China, or the volume of women wanting to date me (I'm happily married, have you seen my wife? I tell you, you have never seen a woman lovelier than my wife, everyday she looks at me and says "The Donald" (she likes to call me that) "The Donald, I cannot get enough of you - 'can't get enough!"). I had to let my former guy John go, great guy, 'can't say enough good things about the guy, we're totally different people though, totally different, like day and night, like hotdogs and tacos - totally different. I'm offering a chance for a new John, who will be able to:

  1. Answer phones
  2. Field off the wealth of emails I'm getting - I'm busy
  3. Is it field or fend off? I'm not sure - whatever it is they should do it for number 2
  4. And 3 look after number 1, that's me, but at the same time think for themselves because they aren't me. Noone can be me, I'm consistently winning, I win so much I get tired of winning.

Working for me is my favor to you, you'll be so popular with your friends, women will love you.

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Forest Hill, London
over 4 years ago
I would like to perform an exchange
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Forest Hill, London

Somehow I don't buy this   ,,,,,,

over 4 years ago
I feel meh...
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